Have you ever been exasperated with being sick before? Have you ever consider what possible purpose illness could have in the life of the believer? Having now been sick for several days I have.

The Bible makes it clear that sometimes God uses sickness to chastise the believer, but Jesus also made it clear that all sickness isn't a result sin. Sometimes God permits illness, disease, etc. as a means to magnify His power to heal.

But that isn't always the case sometimes an antibiotic gets more credit and praise in making a person well than God; yet we know that without God man would have never discovered how antibodies can be used to cure disease.

And sometimes sickness is an early warning device to prevent more significant illnesses from worsening.

But one thing is for sure: sickness always makes us appreciate our God-given health and wellness more than before. When was the last time you thanked God for your health?


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