Run to the Gospel With Me

Ten months ago Tim and Carinda Kerr were on their way to the country of Ukraine—a former country in the U.S.S.R. (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) to adopt twin boys. But God had other plans. Instead, God led the Kerr’s to Brandon. From the very first pixilated picture that Tim and Carinda saw, one thing stood out. What was that thing? A smile. Yes, a smile. Brandon smiled. Brandon smiled all the time. And Brandon’s smile made others smile. It was contagious. One look at Brandon and there was that consistent smile. You could give him a serious look. He would try to look serious, but the smile would always win out. For eight months that smile captured our hearts, and we had dreamed of seeing Brandon play soccer and basketball on the BBA varsity team. I thought on more than one occasion of the day I would be his Bible teacher.

We have no idea why God called Brandon home. I mean we don’t have any answers. There are no answers. It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make a lick of sense from my perspective. But from the Word of God I have a promise, and that promise lives on even on a day when you must tell a 3rd grade class that their buddy and classmate will not be in his seat anymore. And that promise is crystal clear.

The Bible says that “we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose” (Rom. 8:28). There is no question but that Tim and Carinda were called by God according to His divine purpose to adopt Brandon. God provided and opened doors and answered the prayers of His people in a way that removes all doubt that this was anything but the Work of God. Therefore, I must console myself with the divine promise that this will work together for good. The Bible does not say that it may or most of the time—the text is much clearer than that. The Bible says that the premature death of Brandon Sergey Kerr will be used by God for good. How? We don’t know. In fact, it may be that only until we are face to face with Him Who orchestrates all things to His glory will we know more.

This does not mean that our hearts ache any less. It doesn’t mean that we are not tempted to be bitter or angry at a good God who allows bad things to happen. But when these feelings engulf our hearts we must run to the gospel. For in the gospel we find God taking the worst thing that has ever happened in human history—the crucifying of the sinless, only begotten Son of God—and turning that into good! Trust in the gospel. With hearts that break, souls that mourn, spirits that are heavy, eyes that are weeping and voices that are cracking trust in the goodness of God who planned this glorious gospel even before the foundation of the world to the glory of His own pleasure.

Join me in running to the gospel,

Pastor Sean

A Muslim Friendly Bible

Yes! I am not kidding and this is coming from the most unlikely source of translators on the planet. Listen for yourself and then email this URL to anyone who will listen as well.

Brandon Sergey Kerr

Mar. 29, 2000 to Jan. 30, 2012

Tragedy has struck the body of Christ at Berean hard! And we are grieving. Today the adopted son of Tim and Carinda Kerr battled with the flu and somehow-beyond our wildest imagination-the flu got the best of Brandon. Brandon Sergey Kerr died today and our hearts are breaking beyond measure. We are anxious to learn the exact cause of this death from those who determine such things, but even with this knowledge we must trust that the Lord has numbered each of our days.

Sunday morning we shook hands like we always do. I smiled at Brandon and he smiled right back. I moved to another part of the chapel and I caught him looking out of the corner of his eye at me and I smiled at him in a way that let him know I was crazy about him. Brandon was gift of love from God Almighty to the Kerr family and each of us. He is gift of love and joy that will continue to live on in our hearts and minds until that glorious day when we see our Savior and He wipes away all our tears. And this week will be a week for tears.

Brandon, born March 29th, 2000 in Ukraine, was the son Tim had yet to have and he was the brother Katie, Kylie and Haley loved as their very own! Grandparents on both sides adored this remarkably pleasant, always smiling, kind, considerate, attentive, determined little boy who loved every ounce of his new life with the entire Kerr clan and the world they dropped him in called "Berean."

The Kerr family will need the prayers and love of the body of Christ more than they have ever needed our love. They followed God's leading to adopt and through this adoption Brandon learned that he didn't come from monkeys-God made Him and God made him one special boy. Through this adoption Brandon heard the truth of the gospel and was challenged to trust in Christ like he had never been challenged to do before over and over again.

And I believe God's grace is more than sufficient with all my heart. The LORD God is able to be merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abundant in goodness and truth, keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin though Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Please join us in praying that Tim, Carinda, Katie, Kylie and Haley all find the grace they need at the throne of grace to glorify God during the toughest week of their lives. Please join us in praying that this tragedy from our perspective will result in the salvation of a guest at the funeral and student at the Academy. Please join us in praying that God will protect our hearts from anger, bitterness, and questioning spirit.

Finally, pray for Tim and Carinda as they will have to tell Brandon's grandmother in the Ukraine that her grandson has died.

We love you Tim, Carinda, Katie, Kylie and Haley!

Obama's International LGBT Plan

The President of the US is using his influence through US Ambassadors to promote the LGBT agenda as foreign policy overseas and it is NOT sitting well with some countries.

Listen to this audio commentary and then forward the link to this recording to any friend or relative who is struggling with the direction of America.

Pastor Osteen on Oprah's new show

Listen as Pastor Joel Osteen tries to walk both sides of the aisle. He claims to be a Christian pastor who preach the Bible but he struggles with the clarity we need today.

Preachers and Talk About Sex

This is a must listen to interview about Ed Young Jr. and Mark Driscoll. Based on the article below and books from Mark Driscoll.

Ed and Lisa Young, founders of Texas-based Fellowship Church, will spend 24 hours in bed on the church roof next week and stream themselves discussing sex live on the Internet to encourage married couples to see firsthand the power of a healthy sex life as prescribed in their new book, Sexperiment.

Two days after their book, Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy with Your Spouse, is released Tuesday, the Youngs will take part in a 24-hour “bed-in,” which will be streamed on the book’s website as they engage the audience on issues related to intimacy in marriage.

The book encourages married couples to have sex for seven straight days – a challenge that made headlines in 2008 when Pastor Young first introduced it to his church – with the promise that the “amazing results” will last far beyond the week. ...

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Rick Santorum Recognizes the Issues with Mormonism

What are Republicans going to do? Two Mormons, two Roman Catholics (one of which is a former Baptist) and a believer in Jesus who is a Libertarian.

In this audio commentary I discuss these issues. (I also make a mistake about Ron Paul finishing in fourth place; actually, he finished in 3rd place in Iowa.)

Take a listen and leave a comment on Sermon Audio.