Misc. Notes

Yesterday the bookstore ordered six copies of Charles Spurgeon's book entitled "Soul Winner." They should be in the store in a week or so---the cost should be less than $10 and if you are not familiar with the term soul-winner or how to wins souls to the Lord, this would be a great book to read.

Nearly every day we are ordering books and doing our best to create a 1st class resources for the conservative Baptist community in Fayetteville.

Most recently we got another study Bible in that provides alternative words to those archaic words in the KJV Bible. The alternative is provided in the margin and I believe this would be great resource for anyone struggling with some of the Elizabethan English.

We are also trying to expand our section for children and recently ordered some great children's biographies. I will let you know when those are in as well.

I am trying to expand the pastor's webpage at WWW.BBCFNC.ORG. I hope to be putting all my Sunday Sermon PowerPoint slides on that page for viewing in abode acrobat reader.

And Easter Sunday we start the first of many 8:30am early morning preaching services. I hope the turnout is great.

I am so looking forward to Sunday—several new families have committed to return to worship with us Sunday and I believe God has so much in store for BBC—don't you. Many of our most faithful men are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan in the next few months and I really look forward to seeing them back in their places.

Let me know what you think….



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