Conservatives are Increasing their Influence

How encouraged I was today when I learned of a conservative Baptist preacher taking over the leadership of a more liberal SBC. For any independent, fundamental Baptist this is good news story. Many know that Berean Baptist was formed because of a departure from the inerrancy of the Word of God within the SBC. So when independent Baptists hear about conservative pastors leading SBC churches they should be thrilled.

This preacher testified of His firm conviction that the Holy Spirit would take the Word of God and change lives, thoughts, attitudes etc. within the church—now that's faith.

This is a very challenging task; it takes guts to come to a ministry like that.

I wish to embrace and support this endeavor with my whole heart—I shall pray for this brother in Christ and fellow Baptist preacher because I know his firm conviction to preach the whole council will bring with it many, many challenges.

As a Baptist, I know the best thing for my denomination is for more churches to be led by preachers who are committed to the inerrancy of the Bible. God will not bless anything less.

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