A DVD Worth Watching

The plethora of DVDs that are available for viewing that contain not even a moment of redeeming or edifying video requires that when a pastor discovers a movie worth watching he should tell his flock about it. Ultimate Gift
is such a movie.

Sunday evening gave our family a rare opportunity to sit together and relax and enjoy what we hoped would be a good movie. (With "good" being defined as something we would watch if Jesus was in our bonus room with us.)

We were not disappointed in anyway—there were two scenes where we thought we might fast forward but the director stopped short of continuing down an unwanted path.

Jim Stovall, a blind author, created an incredible story in the book The Ultimate Gift. The movie is rated PG and the movie review done by Focus on the Family is a very accurate portrayal the plot and of violence and sexual content—which is absolutely less than what is found on most TV commercials. There is no need for me to spend any time telling you about the movie—pluggedinonline.com does great job. Read the review and get the movie the next time you have two hours to relax and be encouraged, challenged and reminded of how the love of money is the root of all evil.



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