Facing the Giants

Have you seen the movie Facing the Giants? It is out on DVD and last weekend my family watched it for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed the entire movie. (I like a DVD because I am in control via the remote). What a wonderful thing Sherwood Baptist Church did in making this movie. Furthermore, what is even greater is the centrality of God throughout the entire movie.

Yes it has a happy ending and yes all things work out exceptionally well in the end, but let’s not forget it is a movie and in a movie that’s the way it is supposed to be. Sometimes I want to be uplifted and reminded that God can and does involve Himself in all aspects of my life regardless of how temporal the event may be.

Grant Taylor (Alex Kendrick) is a Christian high-school football coach who has not had a winning season in six years and is on the verge of loosing his job as the head coach. As a couple, he and his wife are broke, the car often will not start, and on and on. You need to watch the movie. At the end of his rope Grant turns to His God and the Bible to find some answers to his problems. What Grant discovers and what each of us must understand is that we were made in the image of God in order to glorify God in everything we do including winning or loosing on the football field.

Walls that prevent us from seeing that we must glorify God in all that we do must be torn down. It is easy to glorify God on Sunday morning, but what about on Tuesdays at the ____________.

When a church or company endeavors to make a movie that honors the God whose Son is the Lord Jesus Christ, Christians in America need to support these projects. Goodness knows we buy enough junk that indirectly supports every other anti-God agenda in America.

I praise God a bunch of Christian brothers and sisters in GA gave the time and effort needed to make this excellent movie.

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