Blogging for the First Time

Blogging this something completely new for me. Now I don't mind writing and sharing but sharing through a blog is new for me. This blogg is a result of a prompt from first a new friend from Brazil and then the author of Simple Church, which is an outstanding book. I know many in my read blogs, but I am not sure if they will read this one.

Today is Saturday, which a great day for me because I get to spend the day with my wife and son. They are truly the priority in my life and I thank God for giving me them both.

Tommorrow in Sunday and I am so excited about preaching the Sermon: "Proclaiming Christ in the 21st Century." I hope to be able to show all in attendance what the mission and purpose of the church is today and forever.

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  1. Proclaiming Christ in the 21st Century is exactly what you are doing with this is imperative we reach all with every form of technology is such an encouragement to see this. I'm so excited to see all that Berean will be doing in the future and can't wait to return to NC after this short PCS is over... Lord willing of course!!