Commitment to the Lord on Sunday

Having spent some time analyzing the attendance records to our Adult Bible Fellowship Classes and children’s Sunday school one thing is clear to me. Many are not committed to faithful attendance. Why is this I wonder? What can we do better?

I know some of these people they are wonderful people who consistently go to work everyday. I know some of these people their sons and daughters never miss Upward basketball practice, karate or gymnastics practices.

And the reason is clear these practices are important. In fact, they pay money for their children to participate in these sports; whereas, our Sunday morning activities are of no cost so their value is minimized, isn’t it?

What are we communicating to our children about priorities when we sleep in on Sundays and stay home for the slightest headache? (And I know headaches; my sinuses act up nearly everyday.) Sunday is the Lord’s Day isn’t it?

What can we do better?


  1. If we truly only value those things that cost us, we are surely inviting the afflicting hand of God through persecution.

    Surely this does not happen today? Right! Only in America.

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