Adult Small Groups Important or Not?

For the life of me I can’t figure out why so many in the church I pastor refuse to become a part of an adult Bible fellowship small or medium size group (ABF). The importance of connecting with a small group cannot be overstated in a church. I know of no thriving church that does not emphasize adult small groups.

The level of commitment required is awaking 1 hour earlier each Sunday, yet we struggle at getting there. How is it that we can get to work 5 days a week early or on time but when it comes to Sundays we struggle so much? What is the difference? Isn’t it really just a matter of priorities? Small groups are a priority to some and not to others.

I was part of a small group in Iraq and it made all the difference in the world toward spiritual growth and discipleship. Tommy, Rob and I met frequently and then sometimes Rob, Cody and I met. I also had the privilege of leading a small group Bible study on Wednesday—what a time that was. We studied through the book of Daniel. I will never forget that group and the growth that was experienced.

I would love to hear from you why you think people do not connect to a ABF group.

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  1. AMEN! I am a former member of BBC...only because I moved. However I loved and cherished my time as a member and experienced such growth under the awesome preaching of Gods word and fellowship with His people!

    When I joined BBC you prayed with me in front of the congregation and prayed that I would not be a member that sat on the pew and just came on sundays and wednesdays but that I would be an active member that sought ways to serve God through the verious ministries. No pastor had ever said that, and because of that prayer I searched out a way to be a help. Thank you for that prayer! It changed my life!

    As I moved away from BBC I joined a local church in Hawaii and when I did I was asked for my salvation testimony! That had never once in all my life been asked upon joining a church...I was exited to tell it to the deacon that I was speaking with...but then I thought how many people would have a hard time answering that question! It seams to me that It is the most important thing when joining a body of believers.