Ten Reasons to Love God with All

In Mark 12:30, Christ Jesus communicated that the most important commandment is to love the Lord your God with your heart, mind, soul and strength.  In so much as most people on the planet do not love God, let me give you ten reasons why you should love God.

1. Every person on the planet, with a pulse, should love God because God made them and He sustains their very life (Genesis 1).

2. Love God with all of your being because He the Sovereign of the Universe, your creator, has commanded that you love Him (Mark 12:30; Deuteronomy 6:4-7).

3. Love God with a passion to ensure you receive mercy from Him at the final judgment (Exodus 20:1-6).

4. Love God to keep from serving the wrong master which has potentially devastating results (Matthew 6.24).

5. Love God because of God’s amazing promise that all things will work to the good to them that love God and this applies only to those who love God (Romans 8.28).

6. A deeper understanding of the things of God is available only to those who love God (1 Corinthians 2:9).

7. Only those who love God receive the crown of life (James 1:12).

8. Love God to ensure He loves you and knows you in an intimate loving familiar sense. “But if anyone loves God, he is known by God (1 Corinthians 8:3).

9. Love God because he first loved you (1 John 4:19). God demonstrated his love toward you while you were a rebel.

10. Love God because he gave His Only begotten Son to die for you. Christ tasted death for every man (Hebrew 2:9).

Why take the time to articulate ten reasons to love God. The answer is simple.

If you don’t love God, there is a strong probability that you are NOT saved. Those who have experienced the radical life changing power of the gospel love the One who died for them. People who don’t love God go hell and they are eternally separated from the love of God without any chance of post-mortem conversion or reconciliation with God.

When was the last time you told God you love Him? But you say, “He knows I love Him.” Does He? Why would you assume that? You—a person made in the image of God—enjoy hearing the sincere words from another of “I love you” where do you think that desire came from?

Have you experienced the joy that comes from expressing love to another person? God has made it possible for you to experience that same joy and inner peace and pleasure from expressing love to Him.

Won’t you start today?

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