Ridiculous and Clever Propaganda from Obama

I received this image on my twitter feed from the President. Is this really what Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to do? Do they really want to take the Nation back to the policies of the 1950s? Are there really that many woman in the Nation that want to be able to abort a baby in their womb? Is there enough to make this kind of marketing campaign productive? Who are these woman? Are these the soccer moms who already have children and see what a blessing they are?  Are these woman who have yet to have children but know in the deepest recesses of their mind, body and soul that they too want to be a mom? Are these woman who are afraid that they will die from the pregnancy because of 1950s abortion policies? I just don't get it. Yesterday, John Piper tweeted that 99.5% of all abortions do not occur because of legitimate health care choices; yet, this is precisely the manner in which this entire issue is being presented. 

How is aborting a baby a "health care choice?"

This is excellent propaganda. 

Who are these woman to whom this appeals? Are they godly woman who love Jesus? Are they god fearing woman who know that being able to carry a child in their womb and bring new life into the world is an incredible gift from God? Are these woman Sunday school teachers and even deacons in some churches? 
Are these woman faithful members of Bible studies? Do these woman worship God? 

Certainly they all believe in God; I mean seriously what percentage of females in America are agnostic or atheist less than  5%? less than 1 %?  Certainly it must be a very tiny percentage.

Does anyone really think that either Romney or Ryan want to take away a medical doctor's choice to save a mother's life during extreme high risk pregnancies? Romney and Ryan are both married men who love their wives. Faced with the hard choice of a baby in the womb and a wife dying on the operating table each would chose their wife.  Do you see how ridiculous this propaganda is?     

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  1. It is nought but population control while Islam gradually dominates the nations