Reasons NOT to Vote for Romney Examined

In this podcast I examine 5 reasons why Justin Edwards ( says he is not voting for our current President or challenger Mitt Romney. 

While I completely respect Edwards decision to vote for anyone he chooses. I think his logic is partially flawed. Let me know what you think. Where am I going wrong? Why do you think a Christian should NOT vote for a Mormon or are there are reasons to consider? What Bible verses am I not considering? 


  1. simply the stance taken by the obama administration on abortion is enough to vote AGAINST obama. In spite of Romney's incomplete stance on abortion(in regard to rape and incest), it is better to save lives of those unborn than to give complete freedom to kill for convenience sake(obama's stance and actions).

    saying one is a Christian and another is mormom means nothing outside of their actions/policies. Both are evil. Voting for a 3rd party is like voting for the tooth fairy.

  2. Mitt Romney is for limited abortion and leads the country in singing, “God Bless America” to a false god.

    Virgil Goode, the presidential candidate of the Constitution party, is rated 100% by the Christian Coalition on family issues, as well as being conservative on most if not every national political issue. There is a choice besides just not voting.

    Would it not therefore be mere pragmatism to vote for Romney because of the perception that he has the best “chance” to win (what are the odds of overriding God's choice?--Romans 13:1)? There is a clear choice for another candidate who would best represent a Christian worldview and the Constitution. Is it not arrogant to say in the face of God that to do anything but to vote for the lesser evil is to throw our vote away?

    Could God be watching to see what Christians will do in a 3-way race when the far and away top two candidates are not just unchristian, but anti-Christian?

    If you are interested, I wrote a blog detailing why I believe the abortion component of this election could be the defining issue of America's future.

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