Comparing the decline at Disney to the Church

A man by the name of Kevin Yee wrote the following paragraph about Disney World and the lack of focused upkeep of the park. (The paragraph is part of a larger article found at:

Thus, we need to remember that there ARE no "small" declines by degrees. A decline is a decline. The burned-out lightbulb is like a "gateway drug" that leads to other, more visible lapses in theme park upkeep. If the theme park executives recognize that people won't stand for burned out light bulbs, then they'll know that visitors definitely won't stomach bigger show problems.

After all, if we are silent, isn't that the same as granting tacit permission to the executives to turn a blind eye to upkeep, and allow declines to continue to pile up?

Kevin Yee could be a theologian calling out the church on its slow steady decline in adherence to fundamental evangelical doctrine. No one comes out and says, “I want my church to be a liberal church which completely neglects the sound preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Instead, doctrinal decline is a “gateway drug” to the complete neglect of ultimately the gospel of Jesus Christ. Know your church history and you will completely agree with him. Denominational declines begin with not adhering to right doctrine one degree at a time over a large period of time.

Read this church history and see what I mean:

And then listen to this discussion between Bill and I: