Bloggers Make Money At My Expense

Do you know what is ironic? I will tell you. Many of my critics are ripping me about the money I make as a pastor. (BTW: I am not a mega-church pastor; I make a modest salary and collect a small pension without any disability.) They are suggesting that the church probably took in more money after the Sunday of my shocking sermon. They are suggesting that I profited from that intake. The truth is we didn’t and I did not either.

But what is ironic is that on many of these blogs where these harsh and hateful things are being said by many people about me and the money I took in are advertisements and I mean everywhere.

When you look at my blog you are not bombarded with advertisements. There aren’t any.  I don’t make any money from my blog. That is not the purpose of the blog.

But that obviously is the purpose of a blog that has advertisements on the left and right sides and on the top of the blog.

“Joe. My God.” is one of these bloggers that busted this story wide open by taking me out of context and then telling the world about this pastor who said “beat the gay out of children” (which I never said).

What he needs to make money on his blog is hits or views. And the way you get views is to have a sensational story. The more sensational the story is the more views one receives.  The more views a blogger has on his website the more money he can potentially make.

But there is no cry from anyone about the profiteering from the destruction of a man’s reputation and character. There is no outcry from the masses or media about the profiteering from the slander and malice intend by those in the LGBT community.  I can’t tell you the number of stories I have seen where words that I never said appeared in quotation marks.

I have been writing authors and asking them to make corrections to the online stories that contain “beat” a word I never said or “gay children” or “gay youth” words I never said.
Where is the journalistic integrity among Christians?

Here is an email I sent last night:

Rev. and Brother XXXX,

You wrote: “Pastor” Sean Harrispreached told to his congregation that they should beat the gay out of their children.   

That is a lie and slanderous statement. I did not use the word "gay" I did not use the word "beat."

Please issue a correction. You are free to disagree with me concerning effeminate behavior in children, but you do not have the editorial freedom to say what I did not say. 

You are free to say Pastor Sean should NOT have said" crack or punch" but you are not free to say what I did not say.

Moreover, I have already said, I did not use the right words--please forgive me.

I trust you, as a brother in Christ, saved the blood of the Lord Jesus, will help me salvage my reputation in the Spirit of the grace of God by those who have said what I did not say.

I did not say: "I was joking." The Fayetteville Observer, the local paper, said that I said that. I sent a letter to the paper immediately after that first headline but by then it was already picked up by men, like yourself, and went viral.

What is amazing about all this is that even if I would have corrected my mistake during the sermon, say 2 seconds after I spoke, that would not have been included in the clip on YouTube. So in this media crazy world one must be perfect in speaking.

Did you hear me instruct the church about being kind and not homophobic (48 minutes into the sermon)--did you include those words in your article? You are a brother in Christ. You are a co-laborer in the gospel of Jesus Christ. You are a "Paul" and perhaps I am a "Peter" that needs to be confronted to my face.

Did you call the church and ask for an interview to get the true story out for all to hear?

The difference between me and Dan Savage is I love God. I am a brother in Christ. I love Jesus. I love the gospel. Jesus forgave Peter for denying Him three times--will you forgive me?

Have you, like the world, determined that I must not be saved? Therefore you think I have no obligation to follow Paul's instructions: "So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith." (Gal 6.10). 

Are you now willing to be unpopular and do a follow up story about the way all this has been orchestrated to destroy me?

Will you write back? Will you call me and have a civil conversation? 

My dear brother all I am asking is that you will love me as you love yourself (Mt. 22:39). 

Pastor Sean End.

How many of you reading this blog think the man will issue a retraction or do a follow up story? 

The real question he should ask is: What if this happened to me by an activist blogger—would I want the same treatment I gave Pastor Sean? Is that not the true sense and application of what Jesus said in Matthew 22:39?

I should not be surprised when the Gay Voices of the Huffington Post seeks to destroy an evangelical conservative Baptist preacher—they want our voices silenced.

But what surprises me is when an American Baptist in NY seeks to do the same thing—where is the grace?