Genesis 19 God Rescues Lot and Destroys Two Cities

Genesis 19

24 Then the LORD rained on Sodom and Gomorrah sulfur and fire from the LORD out of heaven. 25 And he overthrew those cities, and all the valley, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and what grew on the ground.

21st Century Application

Before we charge God with being too wrathful in the destruction of cities and nations from the beginning to even today for He is the same God that does NOT change (Malachi 3:6).

Let us examine the moral and ethical breakdown of values which occurred in Sodom and Gomorrah.

Perhaps we have forgotten how much the sin of homosexuality makes God sick—it is an abomination to Him. At its very heart it says “God you got it wrong. What works best is not one man and one woman loving each other”—what it says is, “God we know better.”

And this is precisely the issue in these two cities. One day two “new” dudes show up at Lot’s house and the word gets out--two sharp young men are at Lot's house and instead of young ladies talking about those sharp men something just the opposite happens. A group of men show up at Lot’s door with the intent of each and all having their way with them all night long in a wicked, sick, perverted, ungodly, and wretched way. What God had intended as a wonderful God honoring, God glorifying act, first occurring in the very garden He created, had become a sinful perversion of men doing with men what is a perversion to the glory of God. Any view, opinion, or perspective less than that is a secular, humanistic view which has been corrupted by an ungodly agenda seeking to legitimize an unholy lifestyle.

Then to make matters worse—notice Lot’s response. In a noble attempt to protect the men as their host, Lot offers his two virgin daughters to a savage band of men intent upon knowing sexual pleasure that night. Again what we see is a man whose entire value system had been completely warped by the world he was living within. Daughters who were by God’s single plan to experience the joy of knowing one man are now moments away from being known by male after male all night long—until there is no purity left and nothing to offer their husband as a prize possession of honor and dignity most glorifying to God.

Finally, we see in this passage of scripture that even the girls have been influenced by the world and lack any true commit to glorifying God in maintaining their virginity until God brings them a husband. In Lot’s new home, after being rescued by God’s mercy, the daughters make dad drunk and have their way with him, also in what appears to be noble idea, that is maintaining the seed of father, but this too is a tremendous perversion of God’s intent for families.

Ultimately, God’s patience for revival ran out and the lack of righteous people present in these two cities led to its full and complete destruction with the exception of Lot and two daughters.

What choice did God have? Shall we, as mere sinful mortals, charge God with injustice when the perversion of values and morals is presented right before our faces in the sacred text? How can God remain just and NOT judge? God forbid.

Moreover, the question that begs to be answered is how much time does America have?

Years ago this sin was kept in a closet but those days are over—a radical agenda is seeking to pervert the value system of every man, woman and child until even those made righteous through the finished work of Christ question if homosexuality is really an abomination as presented in the Word of God. Every attempt is being made to normalize what is a perversion. And like our first parents Satan is tempting born-again Bible believing Christians with the same question: “Is that really what God said?”

Maybe those words aren’t the word of God. Maybe Paul was really a homophobe and Romans 1 is not the Word of God; maybe those words are mere human words and not divinely inspired, sacred, God-breathed words, penned by a man inspired by God the Holy Spirit—God forbid.

If it offends you to hear the Word of God proclaimed with boldness, perhaps you need to examine who or what is influencing your value system more than the Bible. Lot, as a righteous man, had a worldview that was just as warped as it can get—is yours?

May every man and woman who has been influenced to change their value system or lifestyle run to the only place of forgiveness--the cross of Jesus Christ--and find the power of the gospel more than sufficient to change their worldview, forgive their sin, and deliver them from a lifestyle of sin.


  1. What is your hang-up with homosexuality? It's only a sin if you believe your invisible magic friend says it is. There are much worse things to get hung up on. Aren't you supposed to love everyone as yourself rather than picking on people who turned out the way your god designed them (Not really - many animals show gay tendencies, including the human animal)?

  2. Gilbert,
    I call myself a christian, and i'm not hung-up on homosexuality. I'm disgusted by it, just as God is. You're right Philip. We are supposed to love others, but that doesnt mean we have to like them or their lifestyle. God isnt just disgusted by homosexuality. He is disgusted by all sin. I'm not a homo-sexual, but i do sin, and I'm disgusted by my own sin, and i do it still to satisfy my flesh. I believe that God forgives me though, and I believe that he forgives homo-sexuals, but I also believe that he desires for us to draw closer to Him and have a love for him so strong that we would deny our flesh and live only for Him.
    Please don't think of christians as gay haters. Children of God love others. Those who don't love, do not know God.

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  4. So god makes a mistake, drowns most of every living thing and then inseminates a virgin to send himself to Earth as his son to atone for the sin of humans that he created in his image.

    And all you can get hung up about is gay sex? I think you may be a repressed homosexual. God may be testing you in that peculiar way of his.

  5. I'm not a repressed homosexual. I assure you. I am very much attracted to women, and (as i stated in my previous comment)I am not hung up on gay sex. I am disgusted by it.
    You say that God made a mistake, but you do not believe as i believe so you dont know that God doesnt make mistakes. Freewill was and is a gift from God. It was man that made the mistake not God. You can do whatever you want to do. Do you not enjoy your ability to choose? I chose to believe God and serve Him. You decided to deny God and live the way you want to live, but, even if you decided to believe God and get saved, then your free will wouldnt magically go away. Christians dont try to do the right thing because they feel like they have to. We try to do the right thing, because we love God, and God wants us to do what is right. There are many people who say they're christians, but dont love Him. Alot of people just say they are to keep people off their back, because noone likes to be wrong, and noone wants to be told they are wrong, anf if someone is told that they are wrong they will argue until they win, lose, or have to go, and even if they lose, they usually still wont be convinced they were wrong.
    Anyway, I know for certain that I'm right, and perhaps you know for certain that you are right, but if by chance I can change your mind, then I will try, because if the knowlegde I know to be truth really is the truth then you will be better off knowing as truth what I know to be truth.
    I hope I didnt lose you.
    I'm sure you know, but Genesis 3 is where the Bible tells how Adam and Eve sinned.
    I didnt reference any scripture in my previous comment, but I should have, otherwise its plaguirism.
    1 John 4 7-8

  6. Gods are becoming increasingly insignificant. About 98% of those that ever existed are now extinct, just like most of the species that once roamed this planet.

    The more time passes and still nothing happens, the more people will drift away from Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit. The irony is that so many people need to believe in a god and they just won't let go despite the lack of evidence. It will take time.

    The muslims scare me. No debate, no interpretation, no 'slanging matches' like we are having and their one true god is getting a foothold all over the world. I see intolerence and mysogony and an increasingly segregated and intolerant world.

    More and more people expect their needs to be catered for and their children to be legitimately indoctrinated into their faith by the state.

    You may have gathered that I don't like religion but I kept quiet about it and never made my views overt until my children were old enough to ask and debate. I let them go to church with their Gran and with parents of friends. They became atheists through choice.

  7. I like to think that I'm a pretty logical guy.
    I'm gonna be speak hypothetically from my point of view.
    If there really wasn't a God and nothing in the Bible ever happened, then so what. Whats wrong with believing that someone loves you. Some people might think or feel that nobody loves them, and being told that theyre loved with the greatest measure might save their life.
    Why should the Big Bang theory or any other creation theory be taught in school but not creation by God. Why should theories that arent proven be taught as fact? Creation by God can't be scientifically proven, but it holds just as much a chance of being true as the scientific bull shit that scientists put out and people blindly follow.
    Whats wrong with having the Ten Commandments up in the school? Whats wrong with saying "Honor your mother and father. Dont murder. Dont steal. Dont commit adultery. Dont lie. Dont be jealous."You may not have any problem with those, but if God is in it, then its rejected.
    If people are supposed to have free will, then whats the big deal? Its not like peoples children are going to be forced to conform to christianity.
    Owe no man anything, but to love one another. For he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.
    For this, Thou shalt not commit adultery, thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not bear false witness, thou shalt not covet, and if there be any other commandment, then it is summed up in this, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. Love worketh no ill to his neighbor: therefore is the fulfilling of the law. Romans 13:8-10

  8. jh

    You are so far removed from anything remotely logical, you scare me. You don't even know what a scientific theory is. Want to test the THEORY of gravity? Try jumping out of a plane and seeing what happens.

    Science is based on theory and evidence. That is how we begin to understand the universe. Einstein had a theory, others tested it and proved it right. Hubble measured stellar activity that was unexpected and his evidence caused theorists to change their views. You have neither. Faith is blind and people like you will follow it to meet your own needs. Creation by god is a cop-out. It replaces the unknown with something that can never be known.

    What makes you think that your god is the creator anyway? The world is awash with creation myths. The Yehewah one borrows from Hurus and others.

    As for the commandments, do you honour your parents if they are abusing you? It would seem a wise thing to do though as the penalty for not doing so is death (Leviticus 20:9). How can you devote yourself to a book that is so messed up?

  9. You are an idiot Philip. You can't see past the end of your own nose.

    If the only thing you're thinking is that you've won the arguement, then good for you, but I am thoroughly convinced that the Bible is the truth, and that saying that it is wrong to be gay is not a judgement, but speaking the truth according to the Bible. If there is no God, then the Bible is 100% wrong, and there is no right and wrong.
    That is a fact.

  10. The argument whether to allow gay marriage is not a moral one. It is simply a matter of whether one is open to adjusting one’s mind to a new reality or not. If not then that’s fine, just so long as you don’t interfere with someone else’s right to do so. Then it does become a moral issue. In fact I would argue that those who seek to prevent gay marriage on the only grounds I ever hear put for doing so — that it doesn’t quite fit their belief system, (for this read, fixed habit of mind) are taking the moral low ground; one small step up from bigotry.

    You cannot argue on moral grounds in support of obliging people to behave the way we want them to for no reason other than we experience some discomfort at having to adjust our thinking about the meaning of a particular word. It’s only Police States that demand such gratuitous observances.

    And, I know this will upset some people, but this remains true even if there is something in the Bible that gives a particular meaning to the word marriage that seems to support that kind of demand, notwithstanding the fact that the definition of the word has changed continuously down the centuries. At the time the Bible was written marriage was between a man and a piece of property (i.e. a woman), and in many cases coerced. At that point marriage was a question of ownership and domination. In my opinion, using Holy Scripture to justify questionable morality, as has been done continually through the ages, is to denigrate Scripture.

    It will be interesting to see how the Supreme Court jumps regarding same sex marriage. The Justices don’t like hot potatoes and they weren’t too enthusiastic about chewing on this one. I think they would have preferred to not take the case. Interestingly, in their questioning of counsel putting the case against same sex marriage one or two of the Justices asked whether the state legislators had, in banning same sex marriage, done so purely out of their conscious or unconscious disapproval of homosexuality. They were clearly onto the pseudo morality issue already and realizing the Emperor had no clothes.

    Most of the beliefs we hold and defend are little more than habitual ways of thinking and just as in this case, most of them no longer serve us. Either we have moved on or the context in which they were first formed has changed.

  11. "Perhaps we have forgotten how much the sin of homosexuality makes God sick—it is an abomination to Him"
    So you know God personally?? You can speak for them? Unbelievable hubris. OK, I'll speak for God as well.....God says it would be best if you just sat at home and THOUGHT for a while. God is also willing to teach you how to think, but you are probably too closed minded to be able to accomplish that miraculous feat..