Forsaken by the Father

The prophetic utterance described in Psalm 22 of “My God My God why have you forsaken” me is beyond my comprehension.

Perhaps the closest thing to one ever experiences that remotely relates to this experience that our Savior went through when the wrath of God poured hot on the sins of the world on the Lord Himself would be losing a good friend.

Now I have lost some good friends, friends that I thought would be with me till Jesus came again but for issues related to the fall of man and the sin that encompassed the world are no longer my friends.

But I can’t relate to the perfect intimate fellowship that the Son of God had experienced with God the Father and God the Spirit for all eternity past. I can’t relate to eternity past. I can’t comprehend the love the Father has for the Son. Perhaps those who have been married for 50, 55, and 60 sixty years to the same spouse can understand just little more than me what it must have been like for the Son to longer experience the presence of the Father in His life.

To utter “why have you forsaken me” helps us understand just a little bit more what our Savior did for us on a cross 2000 years ago.

So then we must ask very simply, is any sacrifice too much for our Lord? Is any burden too much for the One who gave all for us?

Can I really give too much?

Is it possible to serve too much, love too much or do too much for the one who was forsaken for me?

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