FIREPROOF--the motion picture

I know Pam and I were the last ones in the church to watch the movie FIREPROOF but the DVD finally came out. In the event that there is anyone out there that hasn’t already watched let me add my two cents in endorsing this as a great movie for everyone.

I couldn’t get over the degree to which the GOSPEL was presented; I saw the realism in marriage and the truth that other relationships can really interfere with God’s plan for marriage. The 40 days challenge was awesome.

The importance of guarding one’s heart from the opposite sex’s influence was portrayed well. The church in GA has done another great job in providing Christian’s a good movie to enjoy.

The struggle men can have with sin on the Internet was tastefully portrayed and Kirk's solution to the problem was great.

The power of the gospel to save souls and heal marriages was portrayed in a way that wasn’t hokey, but real!

I enjoyed every moment and was inspired to have the best marriage in the world.

What did you think?


  1. I agree with you! I think that his solution for his problems with the computer was a biblical response. Christ told us that if our eye offends us then pluck it out. He definitely amputated his vehicle to his sin!

  2. I totally agree with your endorsement. This is a great movie that I have recommended to everyone in our church. I have even heard about some churches intending to use it for their valentine banquet. A great idea

  3. We watched the movie with our Sunday School Class one Saturday evening, and found it, as you said, professionally done.

    Moreover, Christ was glorified.

  4. Hey it isSturm, Jacob when you get this tell austin to call me and it is 36 more days

  5. I almost think it should be "required viewing" for every Christian couple, or even those considering marriage.

  6. It is a great movie and we totally agree with you. We thought that it taught such great importances about relationships and marriage, that we had our teenage children watch it.