Charles Darwin's Birthday

My friends, if you have wondered if you are really living in a post-modern, anti-god world just open Google today and click on their little picture above the search box. What you will see is the celebration or commemoration of Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday—February 12, 1809

One of the largest Internet associated corporations is promoting the acknowledgment of someone’s birthday, Charles Darwin a man who denied the biblical account of creation and suggested an untenable alternative—man came from monkeys.

Pause for just a moment and consider the number of people in hell because of the influence of this man who convinced them that there wasn’t a God. Darwin’s unbelief and alternative philosophy is not compatible with the Word of God—to suggest otherwise is to deny the faith.

Christians are called upon to contend for the faith, and this begins with the presupposition that there is a God who has revealed Himself to mankind in special way through a trustworthy book—the Bible. Anything other than that is a lie from the pit of hell designed to confuse and destroy.

Christians are often intimidated by intellectuals who present themselves as having all the answers. Be aware. These intellectuals do not have all the answers; they live in darkness, seeking to know the truth. The god of this world has blinded them from the truth, and their only hope is the mercy of God that can shine a light into the depths of a dark heart and reveal the truth.

One canNOT serve two masters, and a Christian cannot have a partial biblical worldview—evolution is completely incompatible with the Word of God—do not be deceived into believing that parts of the Bible can be true.

God created Adam as an adult male instantaneously, or the entire Bible is untrustworthy and Christianity is one large hoax—there isn’t an alternative or a lukewarm middle ground. Do not be deceived into thinking that one can play both sides of a court. You can no more be a Duke fan and a Carolina fan than you can subscribe to Darwinism and the Word of God.

Serve God, believe the Bible, trust in Christ and you will never regret those decisions.


  1. Sean, to attack one of the most empirically sound and scientific people to ever live, is to attack your existence as a whole.Your statement about an anti-god world is absolutely incorrect, what you mean is we are living in a post modern dark age, or anti-science world. Oh yea, that thing called science,you know, that proved that the world wasn't flat, and proved that the world isn't six thousand years old but six billion years old(i guess god left dinosaur fossils out of the equation)Charles Darwin suggested and proved that man did not come from monkeys inertly, but prokaryotic single-cellular organisms through about 3.5 million years of evolution and natural selection(check any high school biology book) the only thing untenable is your hereditary attachment to a 2500 year old fable book who's teachings and culture were stolen from Egyptian and Pagan ritual.And is this a fact that people are in "hell" for learning science or are you irate because it contradicts your religion and undermines your intelligence?Christians are intimidated by intellectuals because Christians(religious people in general)lack empirical and rational evidence to back their claims, usually resorting to bible quote manipulation,bible versions or "that's the old testament"statements.The only person that has blinded people of the truth is you. not some omnipotent despot god!You and many like you are the sole reason why racism still exists,women are oppressed and wars are started.The epitome of a hypocrite. You are no different than the thousands of zealot Iraqi freedom fighters and civilians,whom you help slaughter daily, with your intoxicating bible rhetoric and illogical brainwash used as a consciousness altering mechanism on the troops to reinforce murderous tendencies. One more thing, do you know your religion rationalizes slavery and murder? (try Psalms 137:8-9 or Leviticus 25:44-46) .Do yourself a favor and pick up any non-religious public school science book and become educated before making anymore inaccurate claims or fallacies."Millions of innocent men, women, and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burned, tortured, fined, and imprisoned, yet we have not advanced one inch toward uniformity. What has been the effect of coercion? To make one half of the world fools and the other half hypocrites." Notes on Virginia --Thomas Jefferson

  2. With all do respect I do not believe you should compare pasor Sean with people murdering people, I do not know if you have been to Iraq or any country that there are people there that just want to kill, because they enjoy it. I understand what you are saying in how you beleive the world is 800 billion or trillion or whatever number they are using these days and the fact that they change that number over and over again is crazy. Also if you beleive that the dinosaurs were left you are wrong they are in the bible and to say you can date those because of your timetable that science says they use is Circular Resoning. Science is good and God Created Science. I myself love science and am fascinated on all aspects of it. But I do not believe you should compar pastor Sean to some one wo just kills and misleads, if anything you might actually try picking up a science book from the 1908 and see that they talked about God and is God who created everything. O and by the way believing in Christ is not religion you might want to look up the defenition of religion before you speak about Christianity and Following Christ Truly. Have a good day.

  3. I do believe you have a problem, sir. If you believe that the Bible is a hoax and that there is no God, why does it matter to you if we place our information in the brains of others? Why does it matter that many people have died and wasted their lives for Christianity as you believe. But I ask. Is not life a waste of time if there is no purpose. You are blinded my friend. We see all kinds of emotions that animals may not feel. And why would we have these emotions if there was no point for life? And another thing. If all of our beliefs are wrong and there is no God or supreme being of this universe than why do we consider certain things wrong. I mean, people would certainly think its wrong to kill someone just for the heck of it. But why do we think its wrong? There must be some law that we are breaking in order to do wrong. And the law didn't evolve. That was something that needed to be created. So you obviously see that there had to be a supreme being. Get over your pride and believe the absolute truth. We will one day be judged. Man's purpose is to glorify God. We have also wronged God through our sin. We broke the law of God, as humans and therefore God has the right to condemn you. It is by grace that we have a chance to not be eternally separated from God though. So if God wants to kill people than He is perfectly just in doing so. There life is His to take or not to take. After all it is Him who holds them together and keeps them breathing.
    Have a good day, sir. I hope and I pray the Holy Spirit shows you the truth.

  4. C minus you made my point quite well concerning the anti-Christ world we live in.

  5. Really? i made your point?wow, i think you really misinterpreted what i said.I am not just attacking the antiquated and outdated teachings of christ, but all religions as a whole. The rest of the world practices other religions besides christianity,so technically yes, a good majority of the world is anti-christ, they may not be christian, but they believe in their version of an antiquated and outdated teaching of some brutal, patriarchal, omnipotent god.So what you really mean in reality(if you actually see one)is that you assume ameri-kkk-a is an anti-christ, environment.This is not entirely true, look at the white house and people in power, what do they base their morals after?Christianity.The mere fact that "under god" or "in god we trust" are written on most dollar bills and mentioned in the pledge of allegiance, should tell you that we live not in a democracy, but a venture-capitalist theocracy.Most rational humans,and a good portion of ameri-kkk-ans look to anthropology for disproving the existence of god and to science for proving evolution and both of them being taught in schools,as general education.I understand it may be hard for people growing up in a closed minded and linear environment, to take all of this in.The truth is sometimes hard to swallow,you can deny all you want, but eventually humans (like you) must grow and evolve, not just on an evolutionary scale but also with their own intelligence and perceptions of the world.