Vacation Bible School Day One

Yesterday we got off to a great start in Vacation Bible School. I am not sure the exact number in attendance but it was a lot—there were boys and girls everywhere.

Yesterday truth number one that was taught and reinforced by everything we did was God is Real! And God is Powerful.

We looked at the burning bush that kept on burning and everything about Moses' encounter with God in Exodus 3.

Today, truth number two is Jesus is God's Son. This is an incredible truth. Jesus is God's Son is the way you can confirm two different people are talking about the same God. If two people are talking about a long lost college roommate who is now a family man one when you can determine if you are talking about the same person is to ask if they are married and if they have any children. One might say the guy I am talking about got married to Sally and the other may NO not this guy—he never got married.

The God of Christianity has a Son who name is Jesus—this is the important truth we will be sharing and reinforcing in an effort to convince the boys and girls that this is an Absolute Truth they should embrace for life.

We are calling them "unshakeable truths."

Finally, to all you who are deployed what I would ask from you is to pray—pray that God's truth will take hold in the hearts and minds of boys and girls as faith—salvific faith—faith that leads to repentance unto salvation.

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