Monday, June 16th

Last night Pam, Austin and I were able to spend some time with missionaries Pastor Rick Kelly and his wife Joy. What a great time we able getting to know these incredible servants of our Lord Jesus. Their effort on the field has impacted countless lives and they seem to be exceptionally Spirit-filled balanced followers of Jesus. They need more support in order to start a church in Guam and it appears that God intends for them to be in Guam because of the numerous ways he has answered prayers and provided for the significant needs to move forward. BBC can help them and we should.

This morning, I am off to the Cape Fear Hospital and then will meet with the principals, lunch with a member and staff meeting with the Pastors.

I think I see the way we will divide the final chapter of Nehemiah into two messages and then we will move to a New Testament book—please pray that God will show me what book.

I am behind in writing a book critique for a church history class I am taking and ask that you would pray I can get this done by Wednesday.

The curriculum revision of 1st CLASS is going exceptionally well—soon we will have it posted on line for church members to browse through as time permits.

I had a good Fathers Day and enjoyed having lunch with a potential Youth Pastor and his wife—Scott has been interning at Central Baptist in Dunn and his wife is a first grade teacher. Please pray that God would lead your pastor in making the right decision concerning a replacement for Steve.

My good friend Mike is home from Iraq and I hope we can squeeze in some time to get to together before he has to return. We all will be so glad when the deployments are OVER!

Pray for Mike and all the other men and women who are deployed.


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