I Had Never Thought About this Before

Our world is really something else; until I bumped into this picture, I had never even considered the idea that diamonds are being harvested from slave labor in the 21st century.

The Bible makes it clear things are not going to get better and better as humans evolve into better men and women because of cultural improvements or increased education. Jesus said iniquity is going to abound—conditions of lawlessness will continue to become more and more prevalent.

Greed may be one of man's worst enemies and the only solution to greed is the Gospel.

Christ died so that ALL men can be saved. The only limitation to the effectualness of Christ's atoning sacrifice is man's failure to repent and believe. If every man would repent every man, woman and child could be saved. Christ's death is fully sufficient to forgive every sin committed by every human being. The only limitation God has placed on the gift of salvation is the limitation that man must turn from sin and self to the one true God for his salvation. Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved reminds each and every one of us that salvation is not limited in its application only its effectualness and this limitation is not based on race (Jews and Gentiles) BUT creed. And only one creed—a fundamental belief in the person and work of Jesus Christ—is the only creed that saves.

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