Signing the Covenant

Let me clarify my thoughts with regard to signing the covenant. I understand for many the idea of signing something is too much for you. I can appreciate your struggle with that and will not expect you to violate your conscience.

However, I do believe that it is a reasonable expectation for a leader, teacher, director, supervisor, pastor, deacon, church officer and/or employee of the ministry to sign a document agreeing to adhere to the covenant, the articles of faith, the constitution, and basic standards of conduct. I certainly hope each of you can appreciate the idea that, as your pastor, I would expect you to be willing to live to a higher standard to serve in a leadership position for YOUR LORD and Savior is His Church.

Additionally, what I have said in the past is that I believe it would be a great thing to have an enlarged covenant with as many members' signatures as possible. I shared with the deacons Sunday that I think the adoption of a new covenant should be seen as a special time in the life of the church, and a historical record of that event would be special for years to come.

Presently, I am drafting what I think the new covenant should be. I have received much input from many members and am now soliciting input from pastors and will then present it to the deacons for their thoughts. Once we have agreement and unity, I will present it to you for your careful review and feedback. I plan to meet with each BFH class with copies of the old and new and answer questions and take notes of your thoughts and suggestions.

The goal is a short simple document that is clear and concise; our Articles of Faith will then serve to articulate and clarify what we believe and our constitution will govern the way we do business.

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