How Christians Vote

Since the death of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has taken some heat concerning his inability to quickly articulate a response from a foreign policy perspective.

Questions are being asked if Christians will change their support of this candidate based on his lack of foreign policy experience.

This leads to a great question: If God is Sovereign and rules (as the Bible teaches) in the kingdom of man, how concerned should a Christian be with foreign policy experience in contrast to where the man stands in relationship to God and more specifically our Savior Jesus.

The same can be asked with regard to the economy. How important should the economy be to a Christian? Should a Christian vote for the person he believes will best impact the economy in positive way without regard to how the candidate stands on morale issues like abortion and homosexuality.

Certainly the way the Christian votes will be a clear indication of where they are at spiritually and to what degree they have a biblical worldview.

Presumably, most Christians will vote with their wallet which is probably why we, the church, are having such little impact on our society and will continue to limit our impact as long as we vote the way the unbeliever votes.

Your thoughts?


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