Deacon’s Meeting

Last night the deacons met to discuss the covenant; I asked Rob Coker to give a summary report of the meeting for the church.


Dear Church Family,

Your deacons meet at least once each month to discuss current issues and to plan future events. Last night Pastor Sean met with the deacons to discuss an important topic: our church covenant. As you've read in previous blogs, Pastor is focused on ensuring our covenant is accurate, relevant, and a document that will forge unity among the members of our church. I'd like to share with you the highlights of our discussion.

The chairman of the deacons, Jeff Woosley, opened the meeting with prayer. Then Pastor introduced the main topic of the meeting, the church covenant. He explained his vision for the covenant and his desire to ensure it is a relevant document that reflects the church of the 21st century. More importantly, he'd like to see each tenet of the covenant backed with specific scripture. He then asked for feedback and wanted to hear each deacon's thoughts concerning the covenant.

It's awesome that so many brothers-in-Christ can share openly with one another! A tremendous amount of wisdom was shared. A couple of the deacons, who have been with the church for many years, explained the history of our church covenant and constitution. Others mentioned the impacts that a covenant can have on a church body. Some felt strong connections to the covenant, others not so strong. The comments were diverse, but one thing was certain: we all agree that the covenant can be better!

Our next step is to produce this better covenant. It will no longer be a document that many of us have never seen. It will be taught during First Class and Bible Fellowship Hour. It will achieve the purpose that a covenant is intended to achieve. Much like a marriage covenant binds two people together, so our church covenant will bind our local church body together. We are one in the bond of love!

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