Wednesday Works Wonderfully at Berean

Last night we had an amazing first Wednesday in September with people everywhere doing wonderful things all over the campus. Wednesday Works describes our desire to do discipleship and evangelism together on the same night with the entire church and what an incredible turnout we had.

On the Academy side of the street 269 students and adult workers came out for a great first night of AWANA with two students making a profession of faith. People and cars were everywhere on both sides of Glensford Drive—praise the Lord we have a crossing guard and a police officer working to help make it safe.

Trek and Crossfire Youth met on the other side with 99 adults and students playing, worshiping, and growing together. Both the youth building and the singles center are being used for student discipleship.

41 adults, babies and toddlers hung out together in the nursery wing, while 125 adults were led in worship and the study of the Epistle to the Hebrews by Pastor Ken. 23 from the Spanish church met together in the Crown room with Pastor Rick.

And finally 83 adults turned out for FAITH. From now on every Wednesday teams and teams of people will be visiting Sunday guests, checking up on people not getting connected to an ABF small group, visiting with those in the hospital and checking up on our shut-ins. And other teams will be focused exclusively on witnessing to the lost.

I knew a lot of people were all over the campus doing all kinds God honoring God glorifying things, but I had NO clue we had 641 disciples of Christ and future disciples of Christ all together on Wednesday night at Berean. To God be the glory for all He is doing in a most marvelous way in His Church at 517 Glensford Drive.

700 is right around the corner, will you make it a weekly priority to come be a part of Wednesday Works at Berean—Everyone is invited!



  1. WOW! Wednesday nights sound so exciting! I can't wait until I can be apart of what's happening. I actually went through my work schedule to see how many Wednesday nights I'd have to miss. Unfortunately, there are quite a few. However, It's been a long time since I was excited to be in church on a Wednesday night. Thank you Pastor Sean for the great job that you are doing in service to our Lord.

  2. Praise GOD!!! Bill and I enjoyed T&T! It was such a blessing to see all those kids SO excited to learn verses and hear about Jesus.

  3. My He receive glory in the church!

  4. Wednesday was Awesome! I can't wait til tommorrow night. Cubbies has soooooo many new "faces" (alot of 3 year olds). Most of our kids moved up this year. We are looking so forward to being able to minister to our youngsters and tell them about Jesus!!!!!