Congratulations Joe and Michelle

Once again Berean you knocked me off my feet with the way you act like the body of Christ and glorified God in a unique and special way Saturday. At 2.30 pm Joe and Michelle were married in the fellowship center of the church. Joe and Michelle came to Berean through our Friday night outreach and discipleship ministry and both began to get serious about their relationship with the King of Kings and knew they should get married. Pastor Ken spent precious time preparing the couple for this day through hours of premarital counseling and then solicited the help of a few key leaders. The entire Friday night team did an amazing job in preparing for a wedding and reception. I know Michelle must have been most pleasantly surprised by the elegance that was created by a core group of volunteers who love Jesus enough to love others. The hands and feet of Jesus went to work preparing to give this new couple a fresh start—much like the fresh start we receive in Jesus. We call it being born-again. Volunteers God has a reward for you in heaven and someday you will be able to give it back to him as an expression of your appreciation and adoration of the King. The purple lace, white table cloths, pedals of flowers, and buffet of food all said we love you in Christ. The fresh fruit, finger foods and fancy fixings all said we are friends in Christ. The simple but sufficient ceremony, led by Ken, communicated the truth of God's Word and the importance of marriage—Joe and Michelle we pray that you will be faithful to the covenant you committed to today—September 8, 2007. We look forward to your completion of 1st CLASS and the opportunity to officially welcome you into the local body of Christ that meets at 517 Glensford Drive as members of this incredible church as husband and wife. There were guests there who were not a part of the church and they got to see the body of Christ in action loving like Christ loved the church. We hope that by God's Amazing Grace that He will Sovereignly use what these guests saw to show that that Jesus is real and in doing so they will desire to have a personal relationship with Christ. Can you imagine how much glory God will receive when one soul is saved because of what they saw on one special day when the love of Christ was poured out on this family today? It is a joy and privilege to be part of such a great church.

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  1. We are so proud of how Bereans came together to love and unite Joe and Michelle. We were privilegded to see how the Lord worked every little detail out. Darrin Horne's Sunday School class should recieve great accolades. They came together to provide refreshment(and refreshments) for the reception. Thank you so much, the food was wonderfully aboundant. The decorations were brought together from a few families and put up by an inspiring mother daughter team. The flowers were paid for and created by another special lady. The cake was straight from God, paid for by a member who had never met Michelle or Joe, she just simply heard there was a need and made herself available. The cake was made by two women who exceeded anyones expectation, one is a prior member who could only decorated it and one could bake and help arrange. Pastor Ken prepared Michelle so well for the marriage she was awestruck about how she was not nervous and so at peace the night before. Sunday after the wedding, Joe was still flabergasted about how he had wanted Amazing Grace played during the ceremony, but was afraid to ask for more than he already knew everyone was doing for him. Mrs. Andrews played a medly on her cello with Amazing Grace in it that made Joe cry. Joe's mother said to me that she knew this was a miracle from God by God. Praise you Lord for this couple and how your Glory was so finely displayed for all to see.