BBA 2008 Senior High Graduation

Dear parents of BBA's class 2008,

I have decided to reverse my decision with regard to the graduation ceremony being held on a Sunday versus a Friday. It will now be held on Friday, June 6th. With that in mind, the church will not fund the reception. My goal previously was to have church-wide Sunday night fellowship in honor of the graduates. Insomuch as we are returning to the old way of doing things, part of that old way is that parents of the graduates provide the reception for their graduates. All the parents of the graduates must work together to make this happen.

This decision was based on a request that more notice be given of such a significant change, and a request that more deference be given to those who are an active part of the Academy; however, are not a part of the Berean Baptist Church.

For those of you who have more than one child in the Academy, please understand that I am still weighing all my options with regard to a Friday verses Sunday graduation and may still change graduation to a Sunday in the future but with more notice. Furthermore, the K5 graduation will remain on Sunday night.

As I explained in our Tuesday night meeting, the importance of connecting the church and the academy together in all matters cannot be overstated.

BBA is a ministry of the church; it is not a separate entity created to give students a private education. First and foremost, our mission is to educate your sons and daughters in an environment in which Jesus Christ is exalted as the Lord of Lords and King of Kings and to do everything possible to ensure our graduates leave the Academy with a Biblical Worldview. This is not possible without the full and complete support of the entire church. Furthermore, it is not possible if our graduates are not active members of a Christ exalting, Bible believing church whose doctrine is sound and whose emphasis is right.

Please understand that with the change in pastoral leadership of the church, changes in the Academy will continue to occur. The significance of BBA as a ministry of the church requires my involvement and leadership in its purpose, objectives, philosophy, goals and future. As such, by God's grace, I am committed to providing that Spiritual influence.

I am also committed to being the premier conservative Baptist Academy in Fayetteville and the surrounding areas all to the glory of God.

Your faithful support has made so much of what has been done possible, and as long as our Lord delays His return for the saints, I believe the best and brightest days for BBA are yet to be seen.

I appreciate your exemplary conduct at last night's meeting, your patience and understanding as we work through change, and I am depending upon your continued prayers and support.

Pastor Sean

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