The Potential Heresy of the Sinner's Prayer

This conversation has been downloaded over 3400 times, with 8 comments. Obviously it is something that people are confused and troubled about. People know that salvation is not secured by the mere articulation of words any more than a dip in a baptismal pool of clean water.  Listen and comment.


  1. Excellent conversation and so needed in today's world of easy believism and ABC, pray after me, ask Jesus into your heart, now you're saved and don't ever doubt it.

    I really liked the part where you said, ""The only appropriate response of the soul winner, the evangelist or the preacher is (to say) trust in Christ, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, turn to God, put your faith in Him, believe in the gospel. That's what our position is. That we are never to lead someone in words, tell them "you must ask Jesus in your heart", (or) tell them that they must do anything other faith in Christ, faith in the gospel."

    Thanks for being willing to slay this sacred cow.

  2. The book of Acts has several conversion stories, as well as people asking "how to be saved" (Acts 2:36-37; 16:29-30). In the 28 chapters of Acts not one time do we find a reference to a "sinner's prayer."