Note for Berean Baptist in 2013

Happy New Year! 2012 was a wonderful year for Berean, and we have so very much to be thankful for in so many different areas. The year 2013 brings us just as many opportunities to impact lives and do so much for our Lord and the furtherance of God’s will in Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, and throughout the world through our national and global partners. So let me use this note to describe some of the areas where we have an opportunity to do more.

1. Sunday school: Our first priority this year needs to be in increasing the percentage of people who faithfully attend Sunday school. This involves making sure the time invested in coming to church early is well worth it and teaching people that they don’t just come to SS for themselves but to give back to others. We need to achieve an average of 80% of those who come to corporate worship at 8.30 or 10.45 also attend a SS class. While just 8 out of 10 seems like a low goal, let me assure you that 80% is a lofty but attainable goal. Joey Kellett will be overseeing a plan to achieve this goal.

2. Pastor Bill will be leading the effort to involve Berean in the construction of an orphanage in Togo, West Africa. Missionary Jonathan Huff is a veteran missionary and partner with Berean. He was here in October and gave us his vision for this additional work in Togo. Two Bereans came forward with $45,000 in love offerings, and the work is moving forward.

3. We need to raise the cash to install two large awnings to protect people walking out of the back of the church from the fellowship center all the way to the Jr. High module and youth building. Pastor Steve will be developing a plan for how best to accomplish this goal.

4. Camp Anchorage is planning to reconstruct an entire pier on the lake. This is a huge undertaking requiring support from as many people and churches as possible. I will be taking the lead in determining how Berean can get behind this huge project. Several of us from the church will run, walk or bike to raise money for this March Mania project, but many more will have to participate in 2013 to make a new multistory pier a reality.

5. We want to improve the effectiveness of our Awana program. Brian Howell will be interacting with Awana commander Nick Gore and the entire supervisory team to determine how Awana can be improved. We, the pastors, want the children and workers to know how important we feel this discipleship program is.

6. I will be working with both principals to create an official Berean Baptist Academy Parent Teacher Organization. This PTO will help each parent feel invested in their student’s education and should potentially improve the quality of the education.

7. Pastor Steve Wilson will continue to oversee the establishment of a fully functioning church library. Our biggest need is volunteers to help organize books.

8. Pastor Steve and others will work with the city to determine if it is possible to expand the Fellowship Center. It could be that this is not possible or feasible, but we know our Lord is in charge and we know our fellowship center is too small.

9. Little by little, the construction outside our walls will be bringing more people through the doors of Berean. Plan to spend a couple of extra minutes before and after services getting to know the new faces that will be sitting around you.

While I am sure there is more that can be done and should be focused upon, this is a good checklist of ideas for 2013.

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