Christmas Offering for Youth

I hope you are getting as excited as I am about giving our Youth the Christmas present of a new place to worship and enjoy God and God’s people.

The youth building will soon be a completely new building from the ceiling to windows to bathrooms to carpet to kitchen area to flat screens for PowerPoint songs.

The men are making great progress and I believe if everyone does their part in the Christmas offering we can give to our youth for years and years a great place to worship and grow as Christians.

Pastor Joe was out early Friday taking advantage of some very good sales making the most of the limited resources we have to dedicate to this project.

In the end, I know we will hardly be able to recognize what the old building looked like.

I have been quite bogged down in a church administration class thus by absence on the blog.

One more thing, are you going skiing with us this year? I am really looking forward to a great day of skiing on the Mountain this year.

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