Christian First American Second

Most recently we have heard quite a bit of criticism suggesting that citizens of America must be citizens of their country first and religious (Christian, Muslim, etc.) second. This is unacceptable for me. I am a Christian first and foremost. I am a citizen of this great nation second and that priority cannot change. The reason this is not an issue is because Christ never suggested for even a moment that violence would be necessary to be a good Christian. In fact, I can be a fanatical, religious right kind of a guy and this is no threat to the society at all. Moreover, the more I am bananas for Jesus the better for the nation because Christ has called me to be a model citizen.

I am to pray for my President, vote, obey those appointed over and pay my taxes and all of this does not conflict with my service to my King! My fellow Christians do not allow anyone to suggest to you that you can be religious as long as you keep it separate from your politics. I don’t separate it; I can’t separate it; the Bible does not allow for it to be separate. The idea of creating a duplicite life where I am separate in my thinking between God and the Nation is unacceptable. Stay focused; remember you will only be a citizen of America for a few years, but you will be a citizen of the Kingdom of God for all eternity—keep your priorities where they need to be.

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  1. Of course you, as everyone else, will use your beliefs to inform your worldview. That's how humans work. The problem arises when our representatives force their religious beliefs on all of the rest of us.