One Glorious Promise from God

The promise found in Hebrews 10.17 that our God will remember the sins of those in the new covenant “no more” is an incredibly glorious thing.

It is one thing to say that our sins are forgiven, but it is an even more glorious thing to know that our God has forgiven our sins and remembers them no more!

He doesn’t bring up the past over and over again. He doesn’t hold our failures of the past against us today. He doesn’t remind us over and over again of just how far we miss the mark.

He forgives and forgets. But we say, “How does he do that?” He chooses to do that. He is God and when He chooses to do something it happens.

He doesn’t struggle at anything. He doesn’t struggle with deciding not to remember. He is God. He decrees that He has forgiven us in and through His Son and the matter is settled.

What a model.

This is a model I must emulate. This is an example I must follow. When I forgive others I must choose to forget.

But this will not be an easy thing for me; I will not be able to do it on my own. I will need the grace of God—the God who does this will need to give me strength to do the same.

But you say, “I can’t forget the hurt; I can’t forget the pain.” To which I say, “Yes, you are correct. You can’t forgive and forget outside of the grace of God.”

This is your chance to prove God—this is your chance to assure yourself that you are a child of God.

Fall before Him on your knees and layout your case before the King. Tell Him you want to forgive like He forgives but you need His help. And watch Him prove Himself to be all that you need to forgive.

You know that it is His will for you to forgive and forget; therefore, you can ask this in His Name and boldly expect that God will answer your earnest petition for help.

But after you ask for help and seek His assistance, speak no more of the issue. It is settled. His grace is sufficient and you must be obedient.

Bringing the matter up again makes a mockery of your petition to forgive and forget. When you open your mouth to utter a complaint or grievance you must not truly want to forgive like God forgives or you wouldn’t open your mouth.

But you ask about your mind—what about my mind?

When this memory of hurt comes flooding into your mind—change your mind. Think on different things. Think about your morning devotion, think about your things to do list, think about Hebrew 10:17, think about the cross—reject your thought. Determine that this isn’t your thought and take no ownership of it. Reject it like an arrow from the enemy and send it back where it came from.

Announce for all to hear in the spiritual world that you have forgiven and will remember no more through the power of the blood that was shed for the sins of the whole world and reassert your victory over the matter.

He remembers our sins no more! What a gospel. What a glorious gospel. What a magnificent, glorious gospel.

Pause for a moment and think about how churches would be different if we remembered no more.

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