Coed Nakedness

I have a simple question:

How do ladies who call themselves Christians who love their brothers-in-Christ, take pictures of themselves in bikinis and intimate apparel and post them on a website for all to see without being convicted by the Holy Spirit of the need to be modest at all times?

The Internet, more specifically My Space, Facebook, chatrooms and other websites have created an entirely new way helping men and women fall into sin.

Ok, I have more than one question.

How does a sister-in-Christ who says she loves her brothers-in-Christ, swim with other young men in a pool, lake or ocean when she is barely covering her nakedness and not be prompted by the Holy Spirit that this isn’t right?

Does she really think any guy can swim next to her, talk to her, bump into her and keep his thought life pure?

What are we doing?

Female nakedness promotes thoughts of immorality and sets the conditions for behavior and actions that the Bible calls fornication—sexual immorality.

Does any female in a church really expect a guy to forget how much he saw of her the day before at the beach or the lake when he is sitting next to her in church?

Jesus is very clear that any male or female who dwells on what a sexual relationship would be like with a person of the opposite sex is committing adultery unless they are married.

This isn’t an old-fashion Baptist thing (unless you are going back to John the Baptist!).

This isn’t a legalistic, fundamental, baptistic kind of a standard. This is Jesus’ clarification to some self-righteous dudes who thought as long as they didn’t go “all the way” they were not violating the Mosaic Law. BUT that is NOT what Jesus clarified! (See Matthew 5:27-30).

Jesus made it clear that He expects His followers to have clean thought lives and the ladies of the church have a God-given, moral responsibility to help others keep their thought lives PURE by not showing off their nakedness. Every female must understand that there are several parts of her body that evoke thoughts which are inappropriate and those parts must be properly covered at all times-unless she is with her husband, having a baby, seeking medical care or ALONE!

This pastor doesn’t see how young men and young women swimming together, bumping into each other, getting semi-physical as they “play” in the water—can keep their thought life pure and avoid the appearance of evil!

Does anyone really believe they have arrived at such a level of sanctification that they can stare at nearly naked, well developed, beautiful woman and not think un-pure thoughts?

The time is NOW and the message is clear—it’s time to REPENT.

Praise God He is faithful and promises to forgive us of our sins if we confess them. Its time to confess the sin that I have not been concerned about the appearance of evil, I have not been concerned about my Christian brothers, I have not remained modest at all times and I am going to change this part of my life by God’s grace.


  1. What a huge stumbling block that is danced around or outright ignored. Thanks for sharing the seriousness of this.

    Even though it is acceptable in today's views, does not mean Christian men are safe from the affects. No matter how strong we think we are.

    We greatly need the help of our sisters in Christ to try to keep us from falling.

  2. You sound like the ISIS folk.....Theocracy is what causes the fighting and, please. stop hating, fearing and being so insecure.

  3. You sound like the ISIS folk.....Theocracy is what causes the fighting and, please. stop hating, fearing and being so insecure.

  4. The Bible never ever says co-ed swimming is a sin. And also by your logic, God is making us fall into sin because what He made is making us "fall into sin." Stop this bigotry.