GA Days @ Anchorage

I, like you, have been exceptionally busy and thus the lack of time for blogging. One reason for the lack of time was my time at Camp Anchorage with our high school students. This year for a historical first BBA took all the 9th thru 12th graders to camp for the GA (Get Acquainted) Days. Monday morning we left and returned Wednesday afternoon ‘dead’ tired. It is truly amazing how much you can jam into 50+ hours especially when you minimize that luxury called sleep.

For five preaching/teaching opportunities I focused on both the simplicity and complexity of God’s plan of salvation (yes I know that is a paradox). And the students were awesome as they interacted and let their minds be challenged with the awesomeness of God’s plan of redemption and just how much we don’t completely understand about how God’s knows everything and has a will for everything (past, present and future) and yet he encourages us to pray and our prayers and actions impact life. I could go on and on and re-preach the messages but that isn’t my point in writing.

My point is to praise God because two students professed a need to and a decision to repent and believe the gospel at camp on Tuesday night. A freshman boy and a sophomore girl both new to the Academy, this year, and both by their profession of faith are new members of the body of Christ—PTL!

Furthermore, the students have been exceptionally gracious in sending notes of appreciation and gratitude for the decision to take GA Days to Camp Anchorage. And I had a great time being with them. Some thought they could drown the pastor and I am still here and others thought they could run the pastor to the ground and by God’s grace they didn't. And others didn’t know the Pastor could hide so well. Well I could go on but words struggle at communicating how much I enjoyed being with tomorrow’s adult church. Many of our teenagers have a better grasp of the Word of God than the adults I preach to each Sunday--keep it up.

Next year, we are already locked in for Wednesday thru Friday and I wouldn’t miss the event, unless it was the Lord’s will, for anything. Moreover, I am praying what God would have us to examine from His Word for our days together.

P.S. Once again the Camp Staff was awesome and I am growing to love this ministry at the lake so very much.

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