FORCES Command is Coming to Fort Bragg

Tuesday morning’s front page article in the paper concerning the $288 million construction project contract coming to Fort Bragg is great news for Fayetteville and Fort Bragg.

A company out of VA will be responsible for building the new Forces Command HQ building. This headquarters unit will have Soldiers. Soldiers who need to repent and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ. Soldiers who will need a good Bible believing, Christ exalting, loving, caring, friendly church to be a member of once they arrive at Bragg. We need to stay focused on being that church.

The front page has a color photo of the beautiful building in which these Soldiers will work. These officers, NCOs and Soldiers, will bring families with them. Families who have children who need to hear the gospel through Sunday school, AWANA, Upward Sports, VBS or any other child discipleship ministry of BBC.

We must stay focused on the purpose of BBC. We want to grow because growth equals people growing in their relationship with Christ as long as we stay committed to the fundamentals of the faith and continue to exalt Jesus the Christ in everything we do. If BBC keeps that focus, God is most glorified through each and every one of our ministries.

Precious souls will be moving from GA to NC in the months and years to come, and we as a local body of Christ must be ready for those precious souls and all the others that are currently on Fort Bragg without a church and without a home away from home.

Every effort must be made to stay focused on being friendly and receptive to our visitors who are lonely, hurting, needy people who are looking for just one friend. Let’s be ready to introduce them to the Friend that sticks closer than a brother and show them that Friend in ourselves when they visit our small group Bible study on Sundays.

Join me in praying that the Lord of the Harvest will send more laborers.

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