Missing the Blog

I haven't been on my blog lately because I have been on the church website. We are working everyday to give our church the best website in Fayetteville to the glory of God.

Great websites are like monsters that are always hungry and thirsty for more and new information.

Trying to figure out the most effective way of organizing the information and making it presentable is a challenge.

I have several on staff that are doing a great job. One in particular is a high school student who is a tremendous asset.

I have also been focused on redoing the curriculum for our membership class.

I am also focused on redoing our church invitation brochure.

It seems as soon as you get one project done there is another and another –is it that way for you?

We redid the carpet and walls in the hallway and all the rooms of children's wing and it looks great but now that improvement makes the ceiling tiles look like they need to be done again.

Well time and the tithe of God's people is the only thing that holds us back. I wonder what it was like when the Israelite leaders had to tell the people to stop bringing stuff to the capitol city for the tabernacle Exodus 26.

Back to work….



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