2nd Annual Paintball

Well it happened again. Yes once again the men and (future men) of Berean Baptist Church came together for our annual Paintball Event and we had a great time.

This year the weather was perfect. We had two great teams that battled it out all day long. Because we went as a private group we had the same referee all day long and simply went from field to field competing. If you have never spent the day with a group of Christian men you are missing out. There is really something impossible for the world to understand about the joy of being with other men who have a common morality. There was no profanity, no lewd jokes, no off-color remarks—just great clean fun.

We had several new faces which is always good. I spent the travel time to and back with two fine young men and got to know each of them a lot better than I would any other time. (Last year, I spent the day getting to know Bill and his son so much better—this year two different men.) These are just some of the secondary benefits to the men of the church doing events together.

Old timers and pre-teens spent the day together. We saw another side of each other. We replaced suits, ties, and white shirts for camouflage bottoms, t-shirts and backwards ball caps and face masks.

Brian provided a great lunch—with deli cuts, chips, snack and plenty of cold drinks.

Our next big event is scheduled for October. Now is the time to start putting away a few dollars every month to be able to participate.




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