Upward Soccer 2007

Last night, we concluded Berean Baptist's first Upward Soccer season with a pep-rally of sorts in celebration of our Lord and the boys and girls that participated. The pastoral staff came together to plan and execute this event and did a very good job! It seemed that nearly everyone present had a very good time. Prizes were won, songs were song, and every boy and girl received a trophy and size 2 soccer ball (I didn't know there was such a size). Many thanks should go out to Jeff Woosley, Lisa Harvey and Darren Hawk for their combined effort throughout the season. Additionally, all this would not have been possible without the coaches and referees. Many teenagers did an awesome job unselfishly contributing hours of their precious Saturdays for our sons and daughters. Over 200 boys and girls participated and we look forward to an even greater participation next year.

I have heard some comments about the size of the field for the older boys and girls and we are examining how we can have a bigger field and goals for the oldest grouping. We also are looking at how we can start all the games at the same time so that everyone can pause for devotions throughout the day of competition.

The mission of Upward Sports is to reach boys and girls with the good news of Jesus Christ—this is done first and foremost through the coaches who are fully devoted followers of Christ. The coach is charged with the responsibility to impart the teachings of Christ into soccer (and basketball). He or she does this during practices and games and the manner in which they conduct themselves both on and off the field.

We are considering starting the season a bit later into the year—I am sure you recall the blistering heat during several of the first Saturdays. I am also reviewing the purpose and focus of the closing ceremony.

I would love to hear from every coach, referee and players parent if you have praise for someone or a productive suggestion that we should consider as we retool for next year. Please go easy on us but we are open on ways to improve. Berean wants to provide Fayetteville with a great alternative to recreation league that may not be focused on Christ first and foremost, but we also want to teach boys and girls the fundamentals of soccer and good sportsmanship. Please post your comment on the blog or send me an email at pastor@bbcfnc.org and put "Upward Soccer 2007" in the subject line.

If our Lord should delay His glorious coming, I look forward to seeing some returning veterans turn up the heat on our fields next year.

Once again thanks….Pastor Sean



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