Praying in Jesus’ Name

On Tuesday, of last week, Jonathan and I went to the Fayetteville Police Department to provide a devotional/mini-sermon during the Christian Law Enforcement Officers (CLEO) monthly lunch. In order to show our appreciation of Christian law officers Berean provided lunch (subs, chips, cookies and soft drinks).

This is the 2nd time I have spoken to CLEO and have really enjoyed my time with this fine group on both occasions.

During my last time with them, I learned that the Fayetteville city was circulating a final draft policy letter prohibiting employees of the city from praying in Jesus' name—Christ—or any other deity.

My understanding is that the city is attempting to protect itself from potential lawsuits from the ACLU.

What was left to be determined was what the consequences of violating the policy would be. Additionally, CLEO was considering asking the city manager or lawyer or leadership to meet with them to provide clarifying instructions.


  1. I still find this unbelieveable, that not only in schools are we not allowed to pray to God, but now it's spreading to some workplaces as well. I wonder if, in twenty yers, will we even have freedom of religion any more?

  2. Common but forbidden .....

    people can curse in His name but try to pray in His name and we are denied.

    His name is common ...but it is forbidden

  3. I've followed the fall out from the politically correct movement that started out on our college campuses in the 70's and 80's and I'm not at all surprised at the strides it has made since that time. It's fruition is a new tolerance that tolerates absolutely everything and everyone but Jesus Christ and Christians who refuse to compromise the gospel. We've seen the fruits of it at Christmastime when it is no longer politically correct to say Merry Christmas. Most retailers have forbidden their employees to use it during the Christmas season. When the hate crime bill is passed our Pastor's could be fined or imprisoned for reading what God's Word says about homosexuality. However, it is not just the secular world. We now have seeker sensitive churches where the gospel is or will soon be politically incorrect. Why...because it can be offensive to the unbeliever. I've always believed that it would eventually be used to persecute true Christians as the days grow closer and closer to the kingdom of the Anti-christ. Alas, we have slowly been losing our religious freedom in this country and I pray that by God's grace we hang onto it until we are caught up to meet our blessed saviour in what Paul calls Our Blessed Hope!

    Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; Isaiah 5:20

  4. This is rediculous. Who needs Christ more than those in harm's way? What can we as private citizens do to voice to the city that this is wrong? If we do not raise an objection to this, Christian persecution will go forward in a city where there is a Christian church every half mile or less. The ACLU does not vote, or live, in Fayetteville NC and should have no say in a nation where the people are represented. There is an organization called the alliance defense fund They are volunteer Christian Lawyers whos sole purpose is to fight the ACLU and others on matters like these. Maybe the city should worry about a lawsuit from them.

    From the words in red:
    John 15:18 If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.

  5. If the group you are with is voluntary, then you are protected under the law.

    For example, it was ruled that the Boy Scouts of America did not have to allow homosexuals into their organization because it is a private organization made of voluntary membership. In addition, while mandatory prayer in schools is illegal, voluntary prayer is not. For example, the "See you at the Pole" prayer event is allowed. (see

    Therefore, if you are praying with a group of people that is voluntarily meeting together, under the law, you should be able to pray in Jesus' name. This is particularly true because the group is made up of Christian officers. If the city of Fayetteville is trying to prevent this, it is they and not you who are breaking the law.

    If the issue comes up again, I would suggest that you talk with an attorney from the website mentioned by another poster to confirm this information.