Drumbeat Comments

The comments concerning the music have been great. Many have been awesome and show such a level of spiritual maturity. Music is a hotbed issue in many, many Baptist churches. Some perceive that there is going to be wholesale change in the music, this is NOT the case. Some are concerned that I will eliminate one instrument a week until only the piano is left—this is absolutely NOT the case. We are not going through the songs we previously sang and throwing them out. The goal is still to honor God and prefer each other through a wide variety of wonderful God glorifying psalms, choruses and spiritual songs. Please continue to share your heart with your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. The greatest testimony Berean can have is our love one for another. One disciple of Christ recognizing that a particular song does not bless them but fully realizing that another may be blessed by it is clearly an example of love one for another. I pray that our attitudes on Sunday will reflect a love for Jesus and each other like never before. I hope that each will sing and play their instruments unto the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Only God knows the heart and our heart must be right to worship the Lord. Each must examine their heart and determine if their thoughts and attitude is pleasing to the Lord. If we have an issue or ought with a brother or sister in Christ we must get it right.

I am reading each comment carefully and appreciate your feedback. I am praying most especially that God will be glorified in all that we do as we strive to obey the great commandment and fulfill the great commission. On Sunday morning 400 adults all come together with a huge variance in preferences and likes concerning music. Our greatest concern must be: Is the worship that is—not audible—pleasing to God?


  1. Wow! What feedback. For me I like the drums and the person who plays them at church is my friend and neighbor. At first I was a little disappointed that the drums were in the "pit", then they were removed all together. But when I really took the time to think how offended others were, people that I respect and know that they were/are close to God; I had no problem with the removal. May God be blessed. I think that the Pastors really sought the answer from God and I am at peace with the decision. Now the point that I am upset with is how people are trying to push there type of music on others in the church. Everyone has their own taste in music. I worship differently than others do. I personally like Third day, Steven Curtis Chapman, Leeland, etc. I am sorry if you do not like what I listen to because it has the drums in it. That is where I cross the line. When we are in a group setting praising God I worship through hymns and feel close to God (without the drums). But how I choose to worship God and have intimate time with my Creator, than I feel I can listen the way I want. Please let the holy spirit speak to me on what is right. Roger I agree with you.
    Sarah Moniz

  2. This am at breakfast with my Sunday School class was the first I had heard of the drum issue. I personally do not have a problem with the drums; two of my children have played and I enjoy them in a church setting or anywhere else. But I do agree with Sarah that we don't want others in our family to be offended and we can accept the decision. We have to be careful, however, to be open to new things in order to grow and retain the young people that statistics show we are losing in huge numbers before they ever even get to college age. Also, the young man who plays the drums has a god-given talent and he should be commended for using it to God's glory as His word tells us we should.

  3. On the shallowest note: removing the drums makes my life a tad easier, since, being in the soundbooth, I no longer have to try and balance them in with the other instruments, but I can't help but mention the effect it had on the choir's music as a whole. At first, it seemed like they were having a much more difficult time staying together, since the drums did play a large role in setting a basic beat to keep the choir together, but as of late they seem to have grown used to not having them well enough to have the quality of the music back up.

    Instinctively, I want to say something to the effect of 'the drusm are there, get over it', but I know I shouldn't. I understand that there are people there who are offended, I just have a difficult time learning to except it, since I'm very used to having drums in the music I listen to. However, I realize that it was probably necessary to remove them, and I'm learning to get along fine with it. If I want drums in my worship, I have music at home that has just that for me, but as for at church, I'll live without them.

  4. I notice last Sunday AM and today the drums are "fully" present.