BBA Classrooms and its Future

Wednesday night Pam and I went through each of the classrooms and were just thrilled with all the effort that has been put into each of them. They absolutely look great. Each of the elementary rooms has a theme that the children will find appealing. They are clean, safe and so inviting. The parents are going to be very pleased. Each of you has worked so hard in preparing for Monday and you are to be commended for your efforts. We are building a team which is fully committed to honoring God through academic excellence and the proclamation of the supremacy of God in all things through Christ Jesus our Lord.

I am fully engaged in the Academy and am striving to provide the leadership that our students deserve.

Every effort within our budget is being made to improve the buildings and grounds. We are very excited about the new pre-school—five new classrooms will be awesome. Have you seen the new playground? This addition will give us great opportunities to increase our student enrollment to over 500. This will give us even greater resources to do so much more. The parents who pay for this private education deserve the best we can do and the entire team is committed to this end. The nearly complete office renovation will enhance the security of the entrance way and both hallways. The elementary side downstairs restrooms received a facelift of sorts and we will look at the upstairs restrooms as soon as the funds are available. One teacher went the extra mile in applying for a grant and now has a new projector for her classroom—great Job Connie! Two of our pastors will be involved in teaching this year and two will continue to coach. One family donated a beautiful TV and that teacher is thrilled. Wayne did an exceptional job with an office renovation and the construction of two storage sheds which look great and blend well with the exterior of the school in the back. Darren and company did the reception area and it too looks super.

The future is bright for BBA.

A team of principals is going to ensure that the best is yet to come. BBA will never be a private school that teaches Bible. We are and will remain a Baptist Academy. Our students will receive a 1st rate education, learn God's Word and be taught sound doctrine. Every effort is being made to ensure our students graduate with a Biblical Worldview. BBA will continue to be a reflection of the values of an independent fundamental Baptist church without the self-righteous, legalistic baggage that is often associated with our movement. Hundreds of parents are counting on us to get it right everyday and the faculty, administration, support staff and this pastor is committed to getting it right for them and their sons and daughters each and every day by God's all sufficient grace.

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