A False Accusation is Slander

Sometime ago a former member of Berean wrote a very disparaging letter about me and accused me of being a Calvinist. Now Charles Spurgeon was a Calvinist through and through so this really isn’t like being called a heretic or something. Yet I do not call myself a Calvinist and don’t call myself a Calvinist.

After hearing a few sermons he made a decision and refused to discuss the matter with me in person. As many of you know I am always available to discuss what I believe and why I believe it. I will also tell you when I don’t completely understand something.

I don’t follow John Calvin I follow Jesus Christ as My Lord and Savior. He has the preeminence in my life and his leadership in my every decision is my daily goal. I don’t agree with the doctrine of limited atonement. I don’t understand how a Calvinist completely reconciles that with the Biblical reality that anyone may be saved. I know what verses Calvinist use and this is a very tough subject.

I believe the Bible is very clear in teaching that man has a free choice to make and must make a choice. God commands all men everywhere to repent (Acts 17.30). Yet I also know that no one comes to the Son unless the Father draws them. I also know the Bible is clear that God is Sovereign.

I believe the Bible—every verse—and I believe I should preach and teach everyone one of them even though I may not be able to reconcile all of them.

Be very careful of one who presents themselves as having a full or complete knowledge of all the Scriptures. This is often more pride than anything else.

To call me is a Calvinist is a misrepresentation of what I believe. As such it is slander and those who are doing such are guilty of slandering my reputation.

Calvinists are often accused of being non-evangelical. This is another reason why I must defend my reputation. One of the last things I would want to be accused of is not being concerned with the souls of man. I am very concerned about the souls of man and my obedience and the church’s obedience to the Great Commission.

A thorough review of my preaching, the decisions and direction I am leading the church and my personal actions will strip anyone of any evidence that I am a closet Calvinist who isn’t concerned about the souls of man. This is an attack against the church from the outside.

However having said all that, I would never disparage the character or reputation of man because he states he is a Calvinist. Some of the greatest preachers the world has seen associated with the views of John Calvin—Jonathan Edwards and Charles Spurgeon—are just two examples. Let us examine a man on his own merits without attempting to put an unnecessary label on them.

To sit back and listen to another person slander someone is to participate in that slander.


  1. They use calvinist when they can't find anything else. Let the Holy Spirit flow freely and God will be honored and bless your ministry.

  2. There are a lot of weak preachers out there Sean, and people who think they know it all and hardly study the word. We all want to get it right for the Lords sake. "Be Christian Strong" and God Bless you for your stand for Jesus.

    P.S. Raise those warriors, hu ah!