Berean at Arnett Park

What a Sunday we had! I mean what a Sunday we had! God is surely good and He is awesome! We had a great attendance for a July Sunday and were blessed with a multitude of visitors. The music was perfect and the choir and orchestra deserve a hardy job well done. The media team did a great job integrating the video in the middle of my message and I appreciate Justin getting me a large sturdy wheel barrow. Those of you present understand the importance of that and those who missed may want to get the DVD. (I am afraid this might be a message that a CD doesn’t work as well).

The Holy Spirit was working during the invitation with many hands committing to getting in the wheel barrow and others spending time with their Lord in the altar. Two families presented themselves as candidates for membership after much time in prayer and confirmation that this is the right church for them. Counselors were praying with brothers and sisters in Christ and others were doing business with God were they stood.

The line at the pastor’s reception was out the door and I appreciate the members allowing me to spend extra time with our visitors each Sunday.

Then the church scattered only to reassemble about an hour later at Arnett Park where we literally took over the park. The Barbeque Hut did a great job quickly providing us with great tasting chicken, beans, potato salad, slaw and sweeeet tea! They fed 500 plus hungry mouths in no time at all. We will surely use them again. And yes I know I fed you fried chicken on the same day I talked about heart disease, but I said in the sermon I wasn’t your doctor.

After the meal, the fellowship moved into high gear as members scattered about to meet new faces and get to know each other outside of church. Lawn chairs were everywhere and in no time horse shoes and soft balls were both being tossed but not on the same field. God gave us great weather with a nice breeze for most of the day. Everyone maintained their testimony quite well during the games and in spite of the heckling by the crowd at the games. The umps did a good job for the most part except for one call, but I won’t go into that or mention that third strike, except to say some recent retiree may need glasses. And we certainly learned who can and can’t hit the ball. I couldn’t help but wonder if Berean shouldn’t have its own softball team, but I will let others tell me that. Many enjoyed walks around the park and there were trips to the lake and I think some enjoyed (but I am not sure) Frisbee golf and I thought I saw a few playing tennis.

Then as if all that fellowship and fun wasn’t enough, a member and friend asked me if I could go for some Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream? Of course I thought they were kidding but no; inside a cooler full of ice was a half gallon of some of the best …well I will not go on because there simply wasn’t enough to share. Beside that was my second dessert. Oh, I forgot to mention the first plate of…well again there wasn’t enough to share so let me just stop now.

After back to back games of softball 5pm rolled around quick and it was time to close the day out with 20 door prizes for those who stayed to the end. I hope you enjoy those gift cards.

What a day, and mere words can’t do justice to the degree to which God was glorified by His church at 517 Glensford Drive and then again at the Park.

Many, many thanks to Steve, Kim, James and everyone who played a part in making this great event happen.

Tell me if this is something we want to do again and if so what could we do to make it better and please don’t say lower the cost…I think $1 a plate is plenty reasonable don’t you?

Pam, Austin and I love our church and consider if a privilege to serve you.


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