A True Barometer of your Spirituality

Have you ever considered comparing the amount of money you spend monthly or annually on secular entertainment verses Christian growth material? Why is it that Christians struggle at spending $60 on a good study Bible, but they don’t hesitate to spend $60 on 4 DVDs? Is there really any justification for this? A good study Bible will open God’s Word to a new or old believer unlike anything else he or she could have or buy.

There are several good choices one of my favorite is the Life Application Bible it comes in the KJV and other good literal word for word translations (don’t get the NIV or NLT). What is your favorite?

Another one I enjoy is the John MacArthur study Bible; I have that one in digits which is really nice for searching through it electronically.

I am very excited about getting a Berean Baptist Bookstore going in our new coffee shop this fall and look forward to providing the believers of Fayetteville another alternative for buying Christian resources that will help in their spiritual growth.

I would love to hear from you concerning your favorite study Bible and a book that you think we should stock.


  1. I also like the Life Application Study Bible. I get a lot of mileage out my Comparative Study Bible (Parallels KJV, NASB, Amplified, and NIV). It will make one appreciate the KJV. But I find myself using my Scofield most often, and I think it is just because of its comfort in my hand. In addition, I would recommend J. McDowell's "Evidence That Demands a Verdict" and G. Archer's "Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties" for its discussion of Biblical Inerrancy. Thanks for asking, Pastor Sean.

  2. I use my Hebrew-Greek Key Study Bible all the time. It sounds high and lofty - but it is an extremely easy Bible to use. The editor is Spiros Zodhiates and the publisher is AMG. This Bible allows the average reader who has never studied the languages to learn the meanings in original greek or hebrew - and there is nothing to it!

  3. I too like a good study Bible. I like to use a different "type" of Bible each time I read through the Scriptures during my devotion time. Each one has a different slant to it. For example, I have used the Tim Lahaye Bible which focuses on prophecy. One of my favorites is the Open Bible. This Bible gives you a great section before each of the books of the Bible. It includes an introduction to the particular book, author, time period, Christ of the book, key words, verses, and chapters. In addition, it has a detailed outline and survey of the book. This will give you the big picture of the book and you will find you get much more out of your reading. Also, by using a different Bible each time you read through it, you will have plenty of room on the margins to write new thoughts!