Light for the Yard and Fans for the Porch

This past week I have been focused on a few projects around the house. My father-in-law was visiting for Father’s Day and he is such a joy to have in our home. He is handy and helped me install a flood light, two ceiling fans and a utility sink. For those of you who are thinking that isn’t much you are right but all of us aren’t quite as talented as you. I want you to know I also changed the switching so that I could turn both fans on at the same switch and the lights on with the other switch.

The light on the back porch chases away the darkness instantly and provides a sense of security because of the manner in which it illuminates the back yard. The light allows us to know that danger is not present. The light makes it safe to play in the back yard. The light attracts insects and other flying things. They are drawn to the light. Why? I don’t have the answer, just like I don’t have the answer why two people can hear the exact same plan of salvation and one responds and the other doesn’t.

It is no wonder Jesus called Himself the light of the world. This Sunday we will examine John 8 where Jesus again identifies Himself as the Light.

I know you are thinking this has very little spiritual application but I thought I would share with you briefly to remind you that preachers put up lights and work on their houses just like every other member of the church. We also cut grass, wash clothes, and take out the trash and on and on. Of course you knew that.

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  1. I'll just bet they take vacations, go on dates with their wives, put away for retirement, make car payments and deal with their children too! Man! You'd think they were just men who were blessed by a Sovereign God.