Are You Registered to Vote?

Christians don’t vote according to political parties; instead, they should vote according to their biblical convictions and worldview. Neither of the two major political parties have all the answers. Both parties have issues in their platforms. Neither party is the Christian party. Each party has candidates worthy of your vote and candidates you should not vote for. And I think whenever you are given a chance to vote for an authenticate Christian man or woman seeking to serve others through the government you should do what you can to help elect true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. The anti-God progressive leftists in America want to silence the preachers of America. They want to threaten with the loss of tax exempt status and do everything possible to keep from mobilizing evangelical Christians in a united way to make a difference in Washington. Christians who are registered as Democrats and Christians who are registered as Republicans and Christians whose registration is unaffiliated should be unified in a desire that our elected and appointed leaders (the President, governors, congressmen and women, judges, secretaries, council men and women, sheriffs, etc.) glorify the one true God in their words, decisions and actions. When confronted with a choice between two politicians who both claim to be believers the next question that must be asked is: which of these two politicians will bring more glory to God based on what I know about each one? This is a judgment call. You are having to make a choice and you are having to judge between two individuals. Your judgment call is based on the information you have available to you at the present time. You and I are not omniscient. Any perceived endorsement or support of any candidate is conditional based on the information presently available—which could always change. As more information becomes available an endorsement or support may have to be withdrawn. Something as simple as pulling up a yard sign and throwing in the trash might have to happen if more information become available to you that calls into question whether you would vote for such a person. But I don’t’ think the potential fear of this happening should keep us from getting behind authenticate Christian candidates in full force. Nor do I think the church should remain silent as the world goes to hell.  Are you registered to vote?

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