Church Won’t Do Weddings For Straight Couples Until Same-Sex 'Marriage' Is Legal


  1. Not critical? Not judgmental? You spew hatred for gays, tell parents to smack their boy children if they seem to be feminine. ( find your vitriol disgusting, hateful, UN-Christian and pathetic. Maybe you should try opening your heart to the differences among us and the rights of all to love whomever they choose, assuming both parties are adults and are not harming anybody else. You should try hanging out with a few happy gay couples to see that they are no different than happy straight couples...they do dishes, pay taxes, mow their lawns, listen to music, and even go to church! Imagine that. Sorry for you. Dare you to leave this post on your site.

  2. Mary - thank you for posting this. I came to this site because I wanted to say a few things to Pastor Sean in response to seeing the video of his sermon in which he discusses what to do as a parent if your child shows sign of homesexual behavior.

    Pastor Sean,
    I am a 44 year old gay male. I am not religious by any means, but do not intentionally try to disrespect my fellow humans who embrace religion or the belief in god. I did not come to your blog to "let you have it" so to speak. Homosexuality is a part of human existence. It is not something we choose - just as you did not choose to be a hetrosexual. I did become angered when I viewed the infamous video of your sermon - moreso with advocating the infliction of any type of physical violence than anything else. While you may disagree due to your religious beliefs, homosexual people can not change their sexual orientation any easier than they can change the color of their skin.

    I'm not asking you to instantly change your beliefs or demand that you embrace homosexuality - you are, of course, entitled to believe what you like.

    We aren't going anywhere. We are not going to become hetrosexual. Even if we could, we are not all followers of religion or the teachings of the bible, and are therefore not goverened by the rules within the confines of those belief structures.

    What I do ask, sir, is that you consider how it feels to be told you are hated, not welcome and not accepted as members of the human family. Personally, if I were the type of person to believe in a god or accept what's written in the bible, I wouldn't anyway. Certainly not if it promotes this type of exclusionary thinking and blatent intolerance.

    My intentions were not to offend your convictions or spew hateful messages. I simply wanted you to consider that we are all here on this planet together and we could spend an eternity hating each other because we believe different things - but it simply doesn't get us anywhere and invokes more anger, and strengthens barriers.

    Although I speak for myself, I'm willing to bet there are masses that would agree: I'm not asking you to change your beliefs, who you are or the way you live your life. Please stop doing it to me.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.