Condom Olympics at Norwich University

I sent this email out to everyone in my contact list. Everyone with an US.ARMY.MIL email address was rejected. I suspect that is because of the reference to 'queer' in the subject line.

Therefore, I am posting it here as well.

This commentary is for adults only and is SHOCKING. The Nation's oldest military academy is hosting a 'queer' prom and condom Olympics for its cadets and students. No I am not making this up. Listen below.


  1. Your logic is circular. You conclude with the the idea that some Christians read the Bible selectively, and they shouldn't. Dan Savage did the same thing just with naughty word. You both said the same things. The only difference is that Dan Savage encouraged is audience to be smart about what they select, and you tell people that they shouldn't select anything.

    You might disagree with his presentation style, but you didn't address the questions he raised.

  2. Ok so you guys deleted your comments on your fb page then because too many were being sent you deleted the page. Wow for people that stand by your belief to abuse children you sure as hell don't like people calling you out for it do you. I guess pretty soon all of you online accounts will be deleted because now that I have your blog I'll be leaving comments here :).

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