Peek A Boo Jesus Loves You

Peek A Boo Jesus Love You is the title to this tract especially designed for Halloween.

Look at the nonsense in the wording on the tract that was no doubt given out to 1000s upon 1000s of homes last night.

While I have no problem with giving out tracts. The tracts MUST be theologically correct.

This tract does provide a solid gospel centered verse--Romans 6:23. But then it completely ignores the fact that sinners are saved by grace through FAITH (Eph 2).

The tract says, "If you want to live with Jesus forever say a prayer like this:"

Here we go again.

Who writes these tracts? Who approves the final product? Who can defend such a statement? Who can promise to every boy and girl that says these words that they will live with Jesus forever? Will there not be accountability before God for teaching such heresy? Is God's mercy to be presumed upon, such that those who print tracts do not have to be concerned with getting it right.

Or are those who order and pass out such tracts not culpable for there failure to ensure only truth is communicated.

494 years ago Martin Luther nailed a Theses on church door to warn the body of Christ of the heresy of suggesting that one could buy their way out of purgatory.

Today we are not battling indulgences. Instead, we are battling an Evangelical community that teaches boys and girls that the mere articulation of words in the form of a sincere prayer is the same as repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 20:21).

How many will say in that day Lord, Lord I prayed that prayer and the piece of paper said if I pray this prayer I will live with Jesus forever.

God forbid that we not fight this heresy the same way Luther fought the Roman Catholic Church's heresy.


  1. This is so terrifying to see, especially because I was relying on a prayer until a little over a month ago. I fear there are so many out there who are also relying on a 'magic prayer' that was said by men instead of being lead by the Spirit.

  2. If it is said full of heart and full of meaning why not. You aren't the only one who can decide how one gets into heaven. My heart and my soul is mine and I know it better then anyone. And I definitity know my relationship with God better then anyone. If me and him get it....then that is all that matters.