Be Encouraged in God

It seems a day does not go by that I am not reminded of something that is troublesome about America (unless I ignore the media). The news continually feeds negative things about our Nation into my mind. And I am most thankful there is a God who is involved in the affairs of mankind and more directly intimately involved in the lives of his children. He knows the future. He directs the future. He is guiding the future to the plan that he has ordained. This means I should not worry. I should not be anxious. If he were not Sovereign—large and in charge—I might need to be concerned; but He is. While there is evil in the world—what is not happening is a cosmic struggle between good and evil in which there is still question has to who wins. That is not the case. God wins. He won, is winning and will winning. God was winning when Christ was dying. In fact there has never been a time when God was losing! I pray to and serve the God who always wins and there is never a moment when He isn’t winning. And what I need to recognize is that God winning is NOT tied to America’s perceived success as a nation. God has used American for his purposes and will continue to use America as he sees fit—like all other nations. He raises them up and he brings them down. This is why I need to trust in him and his plan.

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